How Can Fibreglass Improve the Exterior of Your Home?

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The property market can be daunting, and for many people the preferred option is to improve what they already have rather than try to move to a different property.

Home improvements come in many forms, and they can range from simple changes to extensive, and costly, renovations.

There are ways of improving your home which won’t cost the earth, and which you won’t need planning permission for either. And fibreglass mould making can play a key part in this, adding to the transformation of your home.

Things you Can Do Without Planning Permission

Certain home improvements come under permitted development rights, which means you don’t have to go through the red tape of obtaining planning permission first.

These include single storey extensions and interior remodelling. You will have to follow building regulations, but there’s plenty of scope to be inventive.

Architectural fibreglass is a great means for adding to, or transforming the exterior of your property in a way that’s striking but cost effective.

Adding new windows or doors using fibreglass mould making can add a whole new quality to how your home looks. You can also use fibreglass roofing on a single-storey extension.

Fibreglass comes with certain advantages. It’s lightweight and therefore very easy to manoeuvre, but at the same time it is very durable and hardwearing. It can be finished in a variety of ways to suit different tastes, such as weathered stone or wood finishes.

As a material with high strength and resistance, low maintenance and seamless construction properties, fibreglass provides plenty of options for exterior home improvements.

Moulded Fibreglass Features

Decorative but distinctive exterior architectural features lend themselves to fibreglass mould making.

Alongside fibreglass roofs, you can have balconies and balustrades, facades and even fountains.

Canopies are a popular means of upscaling your home frontage. Over the entrance of your front door, they provide character and shelter. They’re easy to install but are hard wearing and you can choose a design to suit the style of your home so that your fibreglass canopy makes the perfect match for your exterior.

For visionary fibreglass solutions, give us a call to discuss your project. We really believe the possibilities are endless, and that fibreglass can transform your home.