Balconies Are in Demand for Architects, Builders and Homeowners

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A recent survey from the estate agents Tepilo reveals that over four in 10 Britons see a balcony as the most important feature in a dream home.

Despite the notoriously unpredictable UK weather, balconies are a much-desired architectural addition.

The Modern Balcony or Roof Terrace

How easy is it to get a balcony added to your home? Retrofitting roof terraces and balconies is increasingly easier nowadays, with architects and builders turning to GRP pattern makers for manufacturing solutions.

There are different choices available when it comes to this kind of addition; including supported balconies bolted to the existing structure with supports; cantilevered structures with no visible support; and integrated balconies that are part of a more extensive remodelling project.

It is important to speak to a professional first to understand what type of balcony or terrace will work with your existing structure.

For balconies and verandas, anything over 300mm high will require planning permission; and make sure your proposed balcony design will not overlook your neighbours.

If your balcony or veranda has a drop of more than 600mm you will need a railing at least 1,100mm high to be compliant with building regulations.

For a roof terrace, you will have to consider things like the load-bearing strength of your proposed structure; also think about how you will access it, because a larger opening than an existing window space will need structural support.

Find a more robust material to replace your existing roof felt, such as a waterproof membrane covered with decking.

There is a minimum height requirement for railings of 1,100mm to meet building regulations.

You may also need planning permission if your proposed roof terrace overlooks the neighbours, or is going to block someone’s view.

Manufacturing Balconies

An ideal material for manufacturing new balconies and walkways is GRP, or glass-reinforced plastic. This fibreglass-based material is both strong and versatile, while remaining lightweight and movable.

Professional GRP pattern makers can use this innovative material for a whole range of architectural products and solutions, including balconies and roof terraces.

GRP is already well-established in the construction industry as an ideal material for flat roofing, and its versatility means that not only is it practical but it can be shaped and designed to look attractive too.

This is a vital quality when it comes to designing balconies, verandas and terraces, as they need to work with a whole range of different house styles.

Balconies and terraces are in increasing demand, and at Fibreglass Solutions our GRP pattern makers can build durable structures to bespoke requirements, making people’s dream homes a reality.