How Fibreglass Ladders Help to Improve Safety

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Ladders are dangerous, it’s official. Government figures have long established that ladders are responsible for the most DIY accidents, causing at least one fatality a week and injuring hundreds of thousands of people to the extent that they need to spend time in hospital.

From a professional viewpoint, ladders can be lethal too, especially when it comes to working around electricity.

Ladders need to be durable and non-conductive, which is where fibreglass mould making is the ideal solution to help improve ladder safety.

Safe Use of Ladders

Ladders are a familiar tool, perhaps too familiar, so that people take them for granted, which is when accidents can happen.

The most common accident involving ladders is falling off them. The advice is to only have one person climbing a ladder at a time; never to jump or slide down a ladder; always to take one rung at a time; and to climb ladders carefully, with focused deliberation, avoiding sudden movements.

It’s also important to check that your footwear will give you suitable traction on the rungs, and not to lean to the side when on a ladder, in case you upset your balance and you, and the ladder, tip over.

There are also dangers to do with worn ladders which might break suddenly while bearing your weight; and using metal ladders if working near, or with, live electricity sources, such as power lines.

How Fibreglass Mould Making Improves Ladders

Fibreglass or GRP (glass reinforced plastic) ladders are non-conductive to electricity. GRP is extremely strong while remaining lightweight.

Fibreglass ladders have a high resistance to denting or twisting, making them both long-lasting and safe. Their low maintenance means they bring long-term cost benefits over what might appear initially cheaper materials.

When it comes to outdoor work, fibreglass is weather-resistant – it doesn’t absorb moisture or warp or weaken in prolonged, direct sunlight. It won’t rust from dampness or wet weather.

It won’t mark and it retains its smooth surface. It’s easily portable.

In short, fibreglass is supremely versatile, and its use in ladders is the perfect demonstration of this.

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