Does Fibreglass Make the Perfect Motorcycle Helmet?

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Motorcyclists must ask themselves this question: how good is your helmet and will it protect you if, or when, you have a crash?

The issue is how strong and stiff a motorcycle helmet needs to be to provide the best protection for the wearer. If the helmet is too stiff it is less able to protect the brain from injury; but if it is too soft it won’t be sufficiently strong to withstand high impact force.

Finding the perfect helmet is, therefore, critical. Typically, high performance motorcycle helmets are manufactured through fibreglass mould making.

Protecting the Human Brain

The brain is made of soft tissue and floats in cervical-spinal fluid inside the skull. This means that if the skull suddenly jolts to a halt, through impact, then the brain will have a collision of its own inside the skull.

This can lead to brain injuries, if the collision is hard enough. This can be damage to brain tissue, or bleeding on the brain. Following injury, the brain can also swell, pressing hard against the inside the skull, and causing more damage.

Helmets are there to protect motorcycle riders against this happening.

How the Motorcycle Helmet Works

A motorcycle helmet is made up of two main features: an outer shell for protection, and an inner lining to absorb any impact.

The outer shell can be made of a resin-fibre composite, from a process of fibreglass mould making. The shell should protect against anything sharp or pointed penetrating the inner lining, and abrasion resulting from a crash or collision.

The inner, foam lining is as critical as the shell, because it works to absorb most of the energy from the force of impact. It is usually made of expanded polystyrene, or EPS.

Skull fractures alone are not often life-threatening, but damage to the brain, especially where it swells up and presses against the skull, is.

Which is why the perfect motorcycle helmet combines outer protection against sudden impact, with inner cushioning to help bring the head to a more even, gentler stop.

Fibreglass Helmet Solutions

Fibreglass has multi-directional strength and stability in the form high-grade superfibres. It’s an excellent material for motorcycle helmet outer shells because it’s lightweight, extremely strong and flexible, with abrasion-resistance.

We’re expert fibreglass mould makers. If you want to get the best out of this visionary manufacturing material, contact us and let’s discuss your project.