Should You Get a Fibreglass or Aluminium Caravan?

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Aluminium caravans are very retro, and therefore very now. However, while there are romantic, on-the-road notions, and a certain amount of quirkiness attached to the aluminium caravan, when comparing materials, fibreglass has certain inherent advantages.



Visionary Design Potential


Fibreglass mould making means that when it comes to designing caravans, there is a huge amount of potential for innovation. Whatever the aerodynamic design, fibreglass can be moulded to meet its requirements.


Alongside this versatility and flexibility is strength. You can wrap fibreglass around corners, which can help strengthen the body of the caravan; whereas an aluminium caravan will require bracing on the corners to reinforce it. The whole feel of an aluminium is seamless.


This also means that, because the fibreglass is moulded, features such as recesses and openings can be readily built into it.


While aluminium might be a cheaper material, and lighter overall when you consider the finished caravan, fibreglass has a greater impact resistance. Aluminium caravan roofs are easily damaged, even by things such as heavy hail, whereas fibreglass is much less likely to show any blemishes.


When it comes to repairing caravans, fibreglass has certain advantages. A person experienced in fibreglass repair can rebuild the damaged area using fibreglass matting and resin, leaving a seamless finish.


For more extensive damage, beyond wear and tear, you can replace entire fibreglass panels, and, because of the qualities of fibreglass, fibre mould makers can manufacture bespoke replacement parts to order.



Does it All Come Down to Taste?         


What may determine your choice of caravan may not be the material it’s manufactured from at all, but rather what you feel its design says about you.


There is definitely a sense that caravans are about the personalities of the people who own them, and the design and material involved can be a big part of this.


However, whereas an aluminium caravan has certain timeless qualities, it’s worth thinking about the practical advantages of the modern, fibreglass caravan and its long-term durability.


At Fibreglass Solutions, we are used to dealing with a wide range of design requirements for fibreglass mould making, including caravans and motor homes. Based in Stockport, we specialise in diverse fibreglass design solutions, and we know the benefits of fibreglass as a material with near-limitless potential. We want you to experience these benefits too, so why not give us a call?