How Bespoke Fibreglass Products Boost Business Exhibitions

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When it comes to marketing your business, there are various digital and physical channels you can choose from, but when considering these, don’t neglect the business exhibition.

To get yourself noticed when you exhibit, choose fibreglass displays and stands – they allow you to have eye-catching designs, made to your own specification.

Face to Face Marketing

The business exhibition or expo is a unique marketing opportunity. It allows you to cut through the competing digital noise and make face to face contact with your audience.

You can start valuable conversations with prospects, and you may develop leads in areas you hadn’t considered before.

For this to work, however, you must first draw attention to yourself and your brand. Exhibitions are opportunities but they are also competitive spaces.

There will be a large footfall on the day of the exhibition and it should be your objective to make some of it come your way, to create your own diversion.

Once you’ve gained your audience’s attention, you can truly engage with them, but first you must attract them to your stand.

Bespoke Fibreglass Product Solutions

Using glass reinforced plastic (GRP) moulding, we can create bespoke exhibition stands and displays designed to differentiate you and get people’s attention.

This can include entire exhibition stands and different displays. We can create themes that will work to reinforce the message of your brand, and 3D forms and sculptures. We can even fabricate bespoke exhibition furniture for you.

Bespoke fibreglass products have several benefits when it comes to business exhibitions.

Firstly, fibreglass displays stand out. Where other people might be use standard displays or banners, if you have a shaped fibreglass backdrop it immediately suggests something more substantial. It gives you a real presence.

Next, despite this substantial feel, fibreglass products are lightweight and easily manoeuvrable, making them ideal for getting in, and out of, exhibition spaces.

Also, fibreglass is tough, perhaps surprisingly so given how light it is. This means you should be able to use your exhibition displays repeatedly over time without them getting damaged.

Finally, fibreglass is affordable. In relation to the return you’ll get in boosting your physical marketing presence, GRP mouldings are a cost effective solution. And they’re easy to replicate, should you want more material, or need to update what you have.

Whether you want something elaborate or more functional for your business exhibition, we can fabricate the ideal bespoke fibreglass product for you, to make you stand out from the crowd and attract customers to your exhibition stand. Give us a call and find out how the visionary properties of fibreglass can work for you.